#HashTAG Heaven Or Overload?


hashtag overloadNow that all the major social media platforms support #hashtags, the question is how do you use them properly? For those of you that may not fully understand the concept, here is a quick briefing: (1) a hashtag (#) is placed before a word or group of words (2) when people search for tweets/posts covering that specific topic your content will more than likely show up in the results.

Let me give you a couple of examples. If you operate a warehouse and are posting about the services you provide, it would make good sense to use hashtags such as #warehouse, #3PL, and #logistics. Ok, now let’s say you’re a publisher and are tweeting about a new #childrensbook that is coming soon. You would also want to use the author’s name as a hashtag. For instance #StephenKing, #JohnGrisham, etc.

These are obviously very popular but if you would really like to stand out I suggest creating unique hashtags. Along with helping keep your posts from getting lost amongst thousands of others it will work towards gaining recognition for your brand. With consistent use people will become familiar with what your unique hashtag represents and when they search it, your past posts that contain the tag will show up as well. Although I do use popular hashtags such as #socialmedia, #webdesign, #seo, etc, I also use my unique hashtags #sourballpython and #SourballpythonStudios.

It’s really just another tool that can be utilized for search engine optimization.. with the ultimate goal of getting your posts and tweets the attention that they deserve. It’s a very easy and useful way to help you get an edge, or in the very least, stay up to speed with what your competitors are doing. I would recommend that you experiment with it and also check out other people’s posts to get an idea of how they’re using hashtags as well.

#I will #caution #against using #the #hashtag for #almost #every #word that #you #post #though! That line wasn’t much fun to read was it? In fact it was most likely quite annoying. That’s what your followers will think too if you get out of control with your  hashtags. As with all posts you make on #socialmedia always keep in mind the people who are reading it. More is not always better and this is especially true when dealing with hashtags.

Another reason for not overloading your posts is that if hundreds of thousands of people are  hashtagging everything, it will dilute the search results which doesn’t benefit anyone (this is another reason why it pays to have a unique hashtag). One last piece of advice is to look at the #hashtag as a privilege and not a right and you’ll be more likely to use it sparingly which in my opinion is the correct way… besides, everyone can see who abuses it and that’s a group you don’t want to belong to.

Welcome to our social hour…

sourballpython social hour

We are celebrating…

It’s true what they say about your own work being last on the list. At Sourballpython our newly updated website and blog have been a long time coming. We are extremely excited to go live with our latest work and information. We look forward to connecting with new and old friends here.

Our plans are to share ideas and build upon them. In this ever changing world of marketing and options to go about doing promotions… there is no exact science, right or wrong, or one person who knows it all. If anyone tries to tell you that “they know all” or “they are an expert” then walk away as fast as you can.

At Sourballpython we do understand that everyday is a learning experience. Everyday media and marketing changes. We live in a time of change. Sourballpython Social Hour was built to embrace, share and help educate each other on those wonderful opportunities to get ideas moving forward. Making it happen!

So, let’s share experiences. Remember there is no exact “right” way. Just have fun finding interesting topics here at Sourballpython Social Hour and please comment your thoughts and ideas and own experiences. We hope you will bring information into the mix that we have not thought of, and if you feel like contributing to the Social Hour… please contact us with your information.

Oh! Cocktails welcome… it is a Social Hour. Let’s have fun!