• It’s Clear. Glass Moves Forward

    - By Bill Nolan Maybe Google just needed a wake-up call to get this project in gear. Possibly fueled by a flurry of recent activity by Facebook lately, Google is escalating its effort to move Glass into the mainstream. Plagued by a high price tag, and quite simply, looking somewhat Poindexterish while wearing them, Glass(…)

  • Google Adwords Basics

    - By Bill Nolan So, being good just isn’t good enough, huh? Your business’ social media is performing well, your website is getting its fair share of traffic, but you want more. Possibly the itch to move up some notches in the search results is on your mind day and night? Those companies aren’t better(…)

  • 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

    - By Bill Nolan With the number of companies continuing to take the dive into social media for the first time, I’ll take this opportunity to give some pointers on what not to do with your new networks. Although I have written this article in a humorous way, many of these are solid points that(…)


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  • Is Blogging Dead? Nooooo.

    No, and far from it. Sometimes I think that companies who know how well something works start these types of rumors so that they can have all the action for themselves. On average blogging is definitely under utilized but compared head to head, it carries more clout than your FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc. Now(…)

It’s Clear. Glass Moves Forward

- By Bill Nolan

Maybe Google just needed a wake-up call to get this project in gear. Possibly fueled by a flurry of recent activity by Facebook lately, Google is escalating its effort to move Glass into the mainstream. Plagued by a high price tag, and quite simply, looking somewhat Poindexterish while wearing them, Glass has yet to catch on. The good news is that Google has announced a partnership with Luxottica which should produce a more stylish and sporty looking version of Glass. For those that don’t know, Luxottica is the parent company of Oakley and Rayban, so we can hope for some cool looking eyewear with the capability of Glass coming soon.

Google Glass

For those of you that may not be familiar with Glass and what it can do, we reference this new technology in our recent blog  “2014 : The Year of Gadgets”  and here are some of the basics… Glass is basically a pair of glasses with a built in computer. They are “smart” glasses. They can do just about anything your smartphone, pads, etc, can do, but with the convenience of displaying the info right in front of you. This means that you are still aware of your surroundings while retrieving data… no more walking around blindly, or stepping into traffic as you stare down at a screen. Some states have legalized driving while wearing Glass so they can also take the place of gps devices. How about taking a trek through the wilderness? Leave the compass at home and take Glass instead.

What about for business?

There is likely soon to be an app or feature that will make them work for you. Glass can share content to your social media accounts… or create the ultimate training video that lets the employees basically see through your eyes as you complete a task. Apps are available that track inventory or have the ability to transmit what you are discussing during meetings so that colleagues, that are not there in person, can still participate. And that is just a scratch of what Glass can do.This is extremely new technology which means that new uses for Glass will become available in the months and years to come. I have included a link below that describes some apps that are available now.

Of course, people may give odd looks and doubters will continue to question whether they will catch on, but this happens any time there is a breakthrough in technology. Remember the pagers craze? People assumed that if you didn’t look like a doctor, you must be a drug dealer, right? Even when cell phones first became available someone was bound to make a remark such as “oh, you think you’re so popular you need to carry a phone 24/7? When laptops were introduced, the inevitable question… Do you really need to carry a computer with you? Historically, people react this way to change, but given time, the technology wins out and these devices will become accepted.


Sourballpython Studios Social Hour WeBlog: “2014 : The Year of Gadgets”
Google Glass apps list:

Google Adwords Basics

- By Bill Nolan

So, being good just isn’t good enough, huh? Your business’ social media is performing well, your website is getting its fair share of traffic, but you want more. Possibly the itch to move up some notches in the search results is on your mind day and night? Those companies aren’t better than yours so why should they have the top spots. If you’ve done everything correctly concerning the SEO aspects of your website, your social media platforms are a work of art, and your business is still lagging a little in searches… Adwords can definitely give your company a boost!

Google Adwords 101

For those that aren’t familiar with Google Adwords, they are the company listings and ads that occupy the prime spots on search pages and will primarily tout your website. If you want to place near the top of the results, Adwords can help. Now, there are many types of Adwords campaigns that your company may want to use, so I’m just going to give you an overview of the basic steps to get started.

Simple Steps to Get Your Business Started with Adwords:

  • First get over the hump and get started! Experiment…
  • Start an Adwords account and create an ad for your company that you want to be listed, obviously placing prime keywords in the ad is crucial.
  • Set a daily budget that you are willing to spend, and a max dollar amount that you will pay per click (PPC) on the ad.
  • The pay per click amount typically dictates how often your ad is seen and how close to the top of the search it will be displayed (remember, you are bidding against other companies for prime location).
  • Take your ad live.

Maximizing You Investment:

It’s not extremely difficult to get a basic ad running, but to get the most for your money research definitely needs to be done. You will want to tailor your ad for specific audiences, geographic areas, and possibly even the days and times that the ad runs. Another important aspect to remember is the Quality Score. This is Google’s way of determining how relevant your ads are. Creating an ad with proper keywords, and having a well maintained website will help raise this score… The purpose of this is Google ensuring that their users are shown sites that pertain to their needs. The benefit to you is a good quality score that can help improve your ad’s placement and actually lower the cost you pay per click!

Extensions that Help:

Take advantage of the Ad Extensions. Adwords offers a variety of extensions that display items such as reviews and ratings, site links to take the user to a particular area of your site, call and app extensions, and so on. These extensions are offered at no additional charge and will typically improve the placement of your listing in the search results. What’s unbelievable is that many companies overlook how valuable these are and don’t incorporate them into their ads.

As I stated before, this is just a brief overview of Google Adwords. Getting started is one thing, reaping the benefits of what they can offer, at different levels, will take some research and some general knowledge of Analytics. Consulting someone with experience in SEO is highly recommended considering the money being invested into your campaign, and technical advice that will be needed.

First things first… get started!

7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

- By Bill Nolan

With the number of companies continuing to take the dive into social media for the first time, I’ll take this opportunity to give some pointers on what not to do with your new networks. Although I have written this article in a humorous way, many of these are solid points that all of us may encounter to one degree or another. So, if your company would rather not spend an eternity in the depths of social media Hell, avoid committing these sins at all costs. 


Jumping in with your eyes closed is ill advised! What’s your strategy? If your strategy is that your so awesome you don’t need one, this sin’s for you. You may have some decent ideas to get your company’s sites started but then what? Are you going to wing it every day and hopefully learn as you go? Not a very good plan, but hey, you’re awesomeness is all you need, right?


You see how well other companies are doing with their social media and can’t understand why your’s isn’t. An important aspect to remember is that many of those businesses have been building their following over time. Great content and interaction is the key and it takes time… You don’t get it overnight!

7 Deadly Sins


Oh, but your special and you want it all and you want it now. This is where many companies make mistakes. They buy followers. The ads are everywhere… get 100,000 followers for $100. You fall for it and get 500,000 just to look good. Unfortunately almost all of those followers are bots, so you’ll never get any engagement, and they will never become a client. Also, they make your business look foolish as well… A quick look through a business’ followers and it’s easy to tell who’s trying to buy clout!


You’re not done yet. The itch for more is driving you crazy so you keep buying. Hundreds of thousands of followers on multiple accounts doesn’t seem to be getting the job done so you focus on your content. No way you’re going to share anything by someone else so you start posting the repetitive information thats all about you. Exactly what you shouldn’t do. The majority of what you post shouldn’t be all about you, the idea is to be social and interact by sharing content that your followers will appreciate.


You have more than your business needs. Maybe you didn’t think those four or five social media sites were enough so you added every platform known to man. Good luck keeping them all active with great content on a daily basis! Chances are that you won’t and this directly leads to the next sin, Sloth.


Ok, some time has passed and all of those sites that your business just had to have are just floating around out their in social media limbo. Maybe you log into them monthly, maybe you don’t. The bad news is that they are giving a lousy impression of your company to every person that sees them. Don’t take on more than what’s manageable.


One of the last social media sins that your business will commit. You think that you’ve done everything right, but you feel the social media sites are failing you. You’ve purchased hundreds of thousands of followers, taken every opportunity to cram your business down everyone’s throat, and you’ve gotten nowhere. What’s left to do? Start using your social media platforms as a weapon for bashing everyone. Your disrespectful to followers that don’t like your content. They suck! Other companies that are doing well…  obviously they are a bunch of ass kissers, right? You don’t need them. Remember, your awesomeness was the only thing that you needed.

Don’t want to be a sinner? Take time to create a solid marketing strategy for your business and avoid the temptation to take the easy route. Success is earned over time, not purchased. And never hesitate to consult with a Social Media Manager.